Choosing the Right Kitchen Counter Tops:

When it comes to buying a home to start anew, there may be some big obstacles that get in the way. Most people tend to buy a fixer-upper house, and start from scratch. However, when it comes to renovating the kitchen, and you’re looking to get the right feel for the counter-tops, I have you covered. Many counter-tops come in various styles that may be pleasing to the eye. However, they can require severe maintenance when it comes to cooking and cleaning on them.

Getting the Right Look

When it comes to finding the right counter-tops for that new, pleasing look, you have a wide variety of options. For example, if you’re looking for a modern feel, keep it simple. By that, I mean with a solid color and a solid surface. Solid surface is usually built with Corian material and considered the go-to for affordability, and appeal. They’re also easily repaired when it comes to the wear and tear over time, making it inexpensive to the average income family.

If you’re looking for a step up from solid surface, try going for laminate counter-tops. Laminate is a material that could last for up to twenty years, which is absolutely great in terms of cost efficiency. Laminate also comes with a whopping selection of designs, and imitators. If you have a granite laminate in your kitchen, no one will be able to tell the difference between laminate and the real thing. Laminate is the most preferred counter-top to look into when on a budget.

When it comes to sleek, you may want something with a little more shine to it. Stainless steel counter-tops are perfect for cleaning and (for the most part) hard to destroy. Although it may seem to good to be true, stainless steel does have its faults. It is susceptible to scratches and denting over time if not treated carefully.

Last but not least are stone counter-tops. Having a counter-top made of stone is extremely expensive. It could cost anywhere from seven to sixteen thousand dollars, which people tend to sway away from if you’re on a budget. You have a choice of granite, marble, soapstone, limestone, and quartz, which makes it frustrating if you can’t decide on a specific aesthetic. Only problem with these counter-tops are they chip and stain over time causing foreseeable repairs in your future.  
So, before you go out and buy that perfect counter-top, do some research. It won’t hurt getting some insight from contractors as well. They can provide you with the estimates assess your kitchen for the right feel and look before you start construction. 


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