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Do Movers Charge by the Mile?

How do movers charge? There are a variety of ways that movers charge including shipment weight, truck size, crew size, or even mileage. If you’re moving long distance, the biggest factor will be your mileage. When movers charge by the mile, it can end up costing you extra money. Why do movers charge by the mile? Simply put, it costs more to move your belongings farther. Think about the extra fuel, drivers, time, and vehicle wear for shipments traveling more miles. Those costs can lead to a fee for extra mileage called a linehaul charge – which can be applied on top of your initial moving estimate. While it makes sense that carrying your belongings longer distances will cost more, these extra costs often get tacked on after the fact, causing you to go over budget. How U-Pack Does Long Distance Moving U-Pack® is a service that helps you stay on budget. The rates are based on three things: where you’re moving to/from, when you’re moving, and how much you’re moving – which all factor into y…

8 Weeks Before Moving:


Questions to Ask Moving Companies:

Do you work for the mover or are you a broker? Broker’s play an important role in helping customers match up with moving companies. Keep in mind, however, that a broker cannot give you a binding estimate and a broker is not responsible for loss or damage.
Do you give binding quotes? Over the phone, a mover or broker may give you a quote that is generally not binding. A mover may give a binding, or “not to exceed” quote upon reviewing your items in person. Brokers don’t typically give binding quotes.
Does the quote include extra charges? For example – flight charges, long carry charges, appliance charges, parking charges, storage charges, fuel charges, awkward objects, etc. If you have a piano, you should let them know right up front. Ask them if they have equipment to help with heavy and awkward items.
Will my items be transferred? Long distance moves can sometimes require your items be transferred to another truck. This extra handling increases the chances for damage to occur…