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Cutting Expenses:

1 Remove luxuries from your budget. If you're having trouble saving money, it's wise to start here. Many of the expenses that we take for granted are far from essential. Eliminating luxury expenses is a great first step to improve your financial situation because this won't impact your quality of life or your ability to perform your work significantly. While it can be difficult to imagine life without a gas-guzzling car and a cable TV subscription, you may be surprised how easy it is to live without these things once you remove them from your life. Below are a just a few easy ways to reduce your luxury expenses:Unsubscribe from optional television or internet packages.Switch to a thriftier service plan for your phone.Trade in an expensive car for one that is fuel-efficient and cheap to maintain.Sell any electronic gadgets going unused.Buy clothing and home furnishings from thrift stores. 2 Find cheaper housing. For most people, costs related to housing make up the single bi…