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How to Keep Your House Cool (Without Cranking the A/C):

As noted in our article about weather proverbs, what the skies and winds are doing outside dictates a lot about our lives and daily actions. When it’s hot outside, and that heat seeps into your home, it’s hard to muster up the motivation to do just about anything. You’re damp, sticky, sweaty — it’s just plain uncomfortable. So are you supposed to languish in the summer months and blankly stare at the boob tube while sweat drips down your forehead? Of course not! If you have air conditioning (70% of U.S. homes do), you can always blast it and create a nice wintry environment for yourself. But that uses a ton of energy and jacks up your bills. Plus, the artificial chill just feels wrong when it’s so warm outside. Isn’t there a way to find a happy medium and be comfortable while still feeling like it’s summer out there? Darn right there is! Below you’ll find tips to keep your house cooler when the thermometer creeps up and up, ways to make your A/C use more efficient, as well as what yo…