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Tips for Packing Shoes for a Move:

Moving is a tough job, it takes lots of your time usually and it could cost quite a lot, too. And in the midst of so many things to do like figuring out how to pack your belongings, what to take, switching utilities, collecting records, etc. you have so many other little, but important things to take care of, like for example packing your precious shoes. Shoes are a necessity today, they could be a symbol of personal style and class, but even if you buy shoes only according to how comfortable they are, this article is for you. Here are our easy tips for packing shoes when moving.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

First, you could separate the sorts of shoes you have for packing – sandals, high-heeled shoes, boot, etc. – put them into groups. Separate those that you won’t wear any longer and decide what to do with them – you have garage sales and charity available or you could just give around the pairs you won’t use any longer. With the rest, it is time to examine their condition and clean u…