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Should you Hire a Moving Company?

Hiring a Moving Company vs Moving Yourself Moving YourselfYou always have the option to do all the packing and transporting by yourself or with your own family. That’s perfectly fine. It can even be an avenue to bond together while categorizing items and wrapping with newspapers. You can also be assured that your valuable items will be packed up tight and secure. The most obvious advantage, of course, is financial savings.
The problem comes when you lack time when you have work and the need to transfer is rather urgent. You may also lack manpower because your children are yet too young for physical labor. The transportation is also of great concern because your family car isn’t spacious enough for the mementos you’ve accumulated over the last five years. Really, if you look at things more closely, moving yourself can be a hassle, especially for families. Hiring a Moving CompanyMoving companies such as Southwest Movers of South Florida, a highly reliable one, keep a troop of laborers …

Coming Up With a Realistic Timeline for Moving

We’ve been in the moving business long enough to confidently say no two moves are ever exactly like. We each amass unique collections of stuff, we all have different schedules and there’s a million different circumstances surrounding a move. Few things are as important as your moving timeline since a move involves coordinating a number of people. If your timeline is off it can make things much more stressful and even end up costing more money. Use these essential tips to create a realistic moving timeline that works for your schedule. Give Yourself More Time Than You Think You may think two weeks is an ample timeline for moving, but if you have more than a studio apartment that’s rushing it. A moving timeline that runs about 1-2 months gives you more breathing room and allows you to pace yourself.   Create a Hard Deadline The first thing you should do is decide on your move date. From there you can work backwards to make sure everything gets done on time and set deadlines for other m…


When you are moving there are a lot of security concerns to deal with. While in the transportation process, it's easy enough to lose your possessions, there is also the concern of theft. When you are moving, many onlookers are getting a good sense of what you own. This puts movers in at great risk of burglary. The number of locations that the theft can take place also requires movers to protect a variety of doors and entrances. Each entry will need different considerations in order to achieve the highest level of security. 1. FOR YOUR MOVING VAN: BEST 21B PADLOCK The moving van is not going to be a permanent part of your life, but while it is there, it's best to secure it. The 21B series of Best Access Systems padlocks is a good option for this purpose. It is accessible and provides strong security for an affordable price. The lock will stand up to most forced entry attacks. This lock already has a good level of security, but can be upgraded with a shroud or a new core. The 2…

How best to stay ahead of your competition

The moving industry has been here for a while now. And with time and growth, many moving companies have come and gone. But the fact remains that the business of relocation is still a competitive one. So one of the things you have to consider when developing your moving company is that. In other words, if you truly wish to grow your business, you need to learn how best to stay ahead of your competition. Learn how best to stay ahead of your competition in the moving industry. Six question to help you stay ahead of your competition1. What is the competition really up to? It is always important to follow current moving industry trends on a regular basis. And it is also important to study the plan-of-action of your competitors. In spite of present movers news and services, what does the future hold for the industry? Business models, online newsrooms, marketing materials and annual reports…these are all key elements. Elements that can reveal secrets pertaining to goals for growth. So if you…

What are the Average Hourly Moving Costs?

What are the expected average moving costs? The average hourly moving costs depend on several factors: your location (state), the size of the apartment or house moved and of course the moving company. Moving Companies Hourly Moving Costs
Average Hourly Moving Costs The different moving companies have very different moving costs. For example in the Boston and New England area you can find movers for $75-85 per hour for two people up to more than $100 per hour. The average hourly moving rates for 2 men and a truck is about $170 per hour. In most cases the price corresponds to the quality of service. Be careful of phantom movers and always research you movers. A very important factor is the travel fee time. Some companies might charge you over 2 hours for travel time. This is the time needed for the movers to come to your moving location. The normal moving rates should include no more than 2 hours of travel time – this should cover the gas expenses too. The local average hourly moving c…