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The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Congratulations on your new home! Before you pop the champagne, it’s time to get down to business. Moving is no small feat – the sheer amount of planning and coordinating involved is enough to make even the most organized person feel panicked. No need to stress. These comprehensive moving checklists tell you exactly what to do before and after you’ve settled into your new place, so you can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying you might be forgetting something important. The list is long, but take it step by step. Soon enough, you’ll be relaxing in your new home, completed to-do list and celebratory glass of bubbly in hand. Click any of the links below to jump to a specific checklist:
Before Move-In
After Move-In Before Move-In 1. Figure out what to sell or donate. As soon as you know you’re moving, walk around your current home and make a list of all the pieces of furniture and indoor and outdoor decor you plan to sell or donate. From there, determine which pieces you can realis…

The Storm Preparation Guide For Businesses

June 1st marks the beginning of summer vacations and storm season. Preparation can be the difference between a quick recovery or your business being closed for weeks after a storm. Here’s your guide to preparing your company for any storms that may come your way. How to Prep Your Place of Business for a Storm The best time to be prepared for a storm is before it ever becomes a threat. These are 3 things to keep in mind when putting together your storm plan. Have a Storm Preparedness Plan for Your Staff Getting your staff on board with storm preparedness should be part of your storm prep. If you haven’t done so already, put together a communication plan that encourages employees to check in and to be notified of any business closures. This could be as simple as designating a contact person for each department or setting up a voicemail system that updates with important information both during, and after a storm. Once your plan is in place, make sure your employees know how to use this c…

What to Wear When Moving: Your Dress Code on Moving Day

Moving days are not just insanely busy but they can be kind of tricky and even dangerous at times. The stress-filled unpredictability that those move days bring about can easily catch some home movers off guard. Some home movers but not you, right? Being 100% ready for your moving day is a long process and one little detail that you may not have thought about during your pre-move preparation is what to wear on moving day. If you happen to have long hair, you will definitely remember to keep it contained during the move so that it won’t get tangled in furniture or boxes. However, there are many more things to keep in mind that just taking care of your long hair. Learn more about the dress code on moving day and specifically, what to wear on the day of your move. Why what you wear on Moving day matters more than you think Throughout the super busy and often chaotic day of the move, your mind will most likely be preoccupied with important issues to resolve and even more important things…