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How To Keep Your Moving Day *Well* Moving

If you are moving locally, time on moving day is money, literally. If you are moving long-distance, you still don’t want to drag the move out. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your move move along, but you might have to start before moving day. Pack Some customers pack everything. Some pay the movers to pack everything, and most are somewhere in the middle. If you plan on doing some packing, and you find yourself in a pinch, let the movers know. If necessary, they will add another mover to the move, and they’ll prepare themselves with the proper materials. In some cases, they might add a packing day to the move. Load your car with the items you’ll move yourself There are certain items movers should never move. First, think anything explosive, corrosive, or flammable. Move (or don’t move) paints, cleaning supplies, alcohol, etc. yourself. You should also move your own expensive jewelry, important papers, laptop computers, external hard drives, and prescription medication. Clea…

How to be a Good Neighbors as Movers

Just because you're moving from your old neighborhood, doesn't mean that your neighbors don't deserve a little moving courtesy. Most of us don't mean to forget how our move impacts the rest of the neighborhood; it's just that we may be unaware of our move's effect. Equally, it's also important, and maybe more so, to ensure that our new neighbors see us in the best possible light before you make that first introduction. Timing is everything If you can move out of your old home during the work week; after neighbors have gone to work. Not only will your moving truck occupy much-needed parking space, but also you may be blocking the sidewalk with movers, large pieces of furnitureplus lots of activity.


When You Move Me Vancouver General Manager, Prabh Heer, landed a global retailer as a moving client, he expected to provide them with many exceptional moving experiences. What he didn’t expect was to be asked to help them with a national retail expansion. This is Prabh’s story. O2E: Can you tell us about your role with You Move Me? PH: I originally started in May of 2015 as a Business Development Salesperson, worked my way up to Sales Manager, and then was given the opportunity to run the business in December of 2017 as the General Manager. When I was working in business development, I was primarily doing cold calling of businesses asking if they needed moving services, trying to acquire new accounts, and also doing a ton of networking to try and build the brand locally. In addition to this, I was doing on-site estimates. When I became the Sales Manager I was running our Sales division by doing the bulk of the estimates and also having others support me when my schedule was full. I wa…

41 Easy Moving And Packing Tips That Will Make Your Move Dead Simple

Congrats on your new home! Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to pack and move everything without breaking the bank, your fragile lamp, or your back. Good thing we put together this list of 41 easy moving and packing tips that will make your move dead simple. How do we know these tips will make your move dead simple? We asked expert movers, packers, and professional organizers to share their best tips. So sit back, grab a snack, and dive in! 1. Get rid of everything.Flickr/Distelfliege Okay, maybe not everything, but the more unused and unnecessary items you eliminate from your home, the less stuff you’ll have to pack up, haul across town, unload, and organize. Certified professional organizer Ellen Delap recommends clearing any clutter from your home as soon as you know you’ll be moving. Be ruthless with your stuff. That coat you think is cute but haven’t worn in four months? Donate it. The very first coffee maker you ever bought that flavors your morning brew with lit…