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Nor-Cal Moving Services Blog: Furniture Movers Don’t Chance Your Furniture!

Imagine this. You’ve organized, planned, and packed all your belongings, ready to move from your home in San Francisco north to Seattle. You’ve slaved over the details, and have your schedules aligned perfectly to make sure you arrive in time to pick up the key to your new home and unpack at your leisure. As your movers arrive, they begin piling your boxes into the truck quickly and efficiently but for all your scheduling and arrangements, there’s one thing you didn’t plan for: the inadequate skills of your movers. Now your end table has a ding in the wood, your sofa is covered in dirt, and your new floor in Seattle has scuff marks. Don’t risk these glaring and unsightly errors—work with the professional San Francisco furniture movers at Nor-Cal Moving Services. We understand that moving furniture requires extra precautions to secure their safe transport and that each piece is as unique as you. From bulky couches to antique bookcases, you’ll get a comprehensive plan specific to each …

5 Problems With Moving Your Business To A New Location:

To maximize your business’s potential, you may sometimes need to move from one location to another. Changing locations can cause a few different problems for your company. By planning ahead to mitigate problems, you may be able to minimize or eliminate the struggles that some businesses face when moving to a new location. 1. Communicate With Customers If you’re planning to take your business to a new space, you need to tell your customers about your move well before the actual relocation. Just like you need time to plan for your move and make sure that you have all the details in order, your customers need time to make sure that they’re ready to find you at your new location. For corporate partners, it’s important to allow plenty of time to schedule around any service disruptions or delays. In general, you should communicate with your customers regularly leading up to any big change. Use multiple methods to reach them; while an email may not be opened, a personal phone call might be …


Nothing about moving long distance is easy. The tasks can pile up and overwhelm just about anyone going through the time-consuming task of planning a cross country moving job. Even taking time to plan out each part of the move weeks in advance, the process still creates stress and trepidation for even the most prepared of moving families. Use this timeline to plan your long distance move for the days ahead.
2 MONTHS BEFORE MOVING DAYTake inventory of all the stuff in your house. Create 3 categories: Keep, Donate, Sell. Tip:  Get rid of everything you can. The less stuff you have to move, the easier it is to move, especially across long distances. Map out where your furniture will fit with the floor plan for your new residence. The excitement will help you stay energized as the dregs of moving continues. Collect important family documents, including passports, birth certificates, insurance cards, financial records, legal documents, including for your pets and school records for your kids. …