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Nothing about moving long distance is easy. The tasks can pile up and overwhelm just about anyone going through the time-consuming task of planning a cross country moving job. Even taking time to plan out each part of the move weeks in advance, the process still creates stress and trepidation for even the most prepared of moving families. Use this timeline to plan your long distance move for the days ahead.
2 MONTHS BEFORE MOVING DAYTake inventory of all the stuff in your house. Create 3 categories: Keep, Donate, Sell. Tip:  Get rid of everything you can. The less stuff you have to move, the easier it is to move, especially across long distances. Map out where your furniture will fit with the floor plan for your new residence. The excitement will help you stay energized as the dregs of moving continues. Collect important family documents, including passports, birth certificates, insurance cards, financial records, legal documents, including for your pets and school records for your kids. …