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7 Ways to Prevent Move Day Scams

It is a nightmare scene when your movers and packers held everything in his hostage in the storage facility and asks you more money to get your stuff back. Movingscams are not new, and you certainly don’t want to take chances with it. All you have to do is remain conscious about certain things such as:

Never Pay Upfront
Usually, the movers asks for the half payment but even that is sometime more if you are local movingor nearby. The payment should be only done during the time of the delivery and no fees should be paid upfront. If your mover is asking for it, then don’t hire.

Never Choose Unknown Company
It is important that you pick a mover and Packer Company that has good customer reviews. You are hiring the movers and packers just because it is quoting you less, this is not the valid reason of not picking an A grade moving company. Never go for unknown company without checking the background and the reviews. Always chooseprofessional movers.

So Low Quote
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