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A Guide to Moving Antiques:

Unlike items you buy at a local furniture store, antiques cannot simply be replaced, if damage is done during a move. Whether you have an entire collection of these finely dated pieces throughout your home, or if you have one single piece handed down through generations it will require a little extra care during the moving process to make sure it arrives to your destination in the same condition.
Before you even start comparing movers, you should have an appraisal done on all of your antiques. You cannot purchase the proper level of insurance, if you do not know how much you actually need. American Society of Appraisers is a good resource to use. This non-profit organization will help you find an accredited appraisal in your area.
Choosing Movers
The most important piece of moving advice to pay attention to is to hire movers with a proven reputation handling these sensitive pieces. Antiques are typically fragile and expensive, so you need professionals who are fully aware how ea…

All You Need to Know About Vehicle Transportation:

Vehicle relocation is often a must when it comes to moving. You can use your car to transport things and drive yourself, and your family to your new home. In many cases, when the trip is long distance, transporting your vehicle is a convenient option – you’re saving from miles, you won’t need to be on the road for long hours (someone else will do that for you), plus your vehicle will be better protected in the trailer than if it is on the road. Vehicle transportation services are a great option with many advantages. Here are the answers to the most common questions asked regarding the relocation of a vehicle.
What is Vehicle Transportation? Transportation of vehicles takes place in two ways – through a carrier and through a broker. What is the difference? Carriers are the companies that directly take and ship automobiles. The brokers are the companies that organize the shipping but do not offer it is a service themselves. Usually hiring a broker is more expensive because you pay the c…