How best to stay ahead of your competition

The moving industry has been here for a while now. And with time and growth, many moving companies have come and gone. But the fact remains that the business of relocation is still a competitive one. So one of the things you have to consider when developing your moving company is that. In other words, if you truly wish to grow your business, you need to learn how best to stay ahead of your competition. Learn how best to stay ahead of your competition in the moving industry. Six question to help you stay ahead of your competition1. What is the competition really up to? It is always important to follow current moving industry trends on a regular basis. And it is also important to study the plan-of-action of your competitors. In spite of present movers news and services, what does the future hold for the industry? Business models, online newsrooms, marketing materials and annual reports…these are all key elements. Elements that can reveal secrets pertaining to goals for growth. So if you…

What are the Average Hourly Moving Costs?

What are the expected average moving costs? The average hourly moving costs depend on several factors: your location (state), the size of the apartment or house moved and of course the moving company. Moving Companies Hourly Moving Costs
Average Hourly Moving Costs The different moving companies have very different moving costs. For example in the Boston and New England area you can find movers for $75-85 per hour for two people up to more than $100 per hour. The average hourly moving rates for 2 men and a truck is about $170 per hour. In most cases the price corresponds to the quality of service. Be careful of phantom movers and always research you movers. A very important factor is the travel fee time. Some companies might charge you over 2 hours for travel time. This is the time needed for the movers to come to your moving location. The normal moving rates should include no more than 2 hours of travel time – this should cover the gas expenses too. The local average hourly moving c…

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we would like to take a moment and wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We can’t begin to explain our appreciation of your outstanding loyalty and we’re eager to see what 2018 will bring. 2017 was another outstanding year for the “Movers Who Care®”, as we were able to continue our incredible run with 96 months of consecutive growth and a customer referral rating of 96% system-wide. In addition to continuing our top-notch local and business moving services, we were able to take major strides in the world of long-distance relocation with the introduction of our new Value Flex® option, and also bring a new level of service with packing, storage, and delivery options. We strive to provide the absolute best moving services for our customers, and are always looking for new ways to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation within the moving industry. If you’ve completed a move with us over the past year, we sincerely hope you had a pos…

Get in the holiday mood with these festive decorations!

Get ready for that holiday cheer as Christmas is already nipping at our boots! So what a better way to get in those great Christmas spirits than decorating your house for all to see! And no I am not just talking about a Christmas tree and Christmas lights. But really make your house unique this December by trying out some cool decorations tips and tricks.

Layer greens
Get some of Charlotte Moss’ ideas to fancy up your house. You’ll need some Pine, Spruce and juniper add some birch twigs winterberry and Silvery Pinecones to add some sparkly to your mantel. Plus, you can easily find all this on Amazon!

Double up
Hey instead of one wreath on your door. What about two! You can even go to your local Michaels or even amazon to make your door twice as merry!

Display your holiday cards
Holiday cards are a constant this time of year. You are going to be getting a steady stream of these starting November 30th. You’ll be asking yourself, “What can I even do with these?!” Well a great way to mak…

Local and Long Distance Residential Movers in Sacramento:

With a local office in Sacramento, Move-Pros serves the residents of Sacramento with local and long distance moving services. As an Agent for Wheaton Worldwide Moving, we have the global resources of the big boys, yet we are a local business based out of Fremont, CA. Family run, we pride ourselves on great customer service. For all residential and commercial moving and storage services, please give us a call. We also provide commercial moving and warehousing services in Sacramento.

5 Simple Alternatives To Living On Pizza While Preparing For Your Move:

The good news, though, is that you don’t have to live on pizza and Chinese food. You can keep eating normal (and healthy) food right up until moving day. Pack everything but the microwave Before you start packing, prepare some of your own microwavable dishes. Pasta dishes heat well, as do soups and casseroles. Freeze them in single use serving sizes (or refrigerate them if we’re talking days instead of weeks) and microwave them when you’re ready. A pre-made salad mix from the supermarket will make it a well-rounded meal. Make sandwiches Nearly everyone loves a good sandwich, and they can be surprisingly nutritious. If your sandwich repertoire includes the basics like turkey, tuna and PB&J and would like a little more variety, a quick Google search will give you thousands. Real Simple has several that I’ve tried and definitely get my seal of approval. Barbecue Who says you can only barbecue during the summer? People who aren’t in the process of moving, that’s who. While cleaning t…

How To Prepare For Your Move – Selecting The Best Moving Company:

Finding a creditable moving company you can trust can be complicated these days. It seems like every day a new moving company emerges and it is hard to tell who to trust. First it is an absolute must that when choosing a moving company that you check with the Better Business Bureau to see what type of track record the Moving Company has. Be sure you get moving quotes from different companies not only to see what kind of estimates you will receive but who you are most comfortable with. Always remember that everything you own will be loaded in a truck that will driven away by someone you hardly know so make sure you do your homework. Plan ahead and make sure all of the utilities have been switched over so you are not searching last minute looking for phone numbers. When the big day arrives we have some ideas that can help you make it as stress free as possible. First off make sure you pack a box of essential items that you will need right away and make sure it is the last thing loaded …