To Storage or Not To Storage: How To Decide What To Put in Storage and When:

Whether you are an experienced urbanite using a storage unit as your apartment annex or simply exploring long term storage options for the first time, you might be surprised to find out that there are optimal ways to utilize storage that will drastically improve your experience year after year. Yes, that’s right, the decision of what to put in storage and how to use your storage unit is even more important than choosing to leverage storage at all!

The Best Things To Put In Storage Now (And Later)

Seasonal Items

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Let’s face it–there are just some things that are meant for specific seasons. While this may seem like it only applies to clothing, it actually spans a wide array of items. Yes, you can pack away your linen and seersucker attire when it starts to get cooler but there may also be plenty of other items you won’t be using for a while. Beach towels, outdoor furniture, and even picnicware can all find their rightful place tucked safely away in storage. Swap them for your winter gear, which may include clothing, winter sports equipment, seasonal and holiday decorations and even additional dishes or cutlery for hosting your epic New Year’s Eve party.

Extra Furniture

We often find renters and homeowners in transition have a difficult time arranging for their items during long moving periods. Perhaps you’re going abroad for a year and have limited room to bring belongings. Or maybe you’re downsizing for the short term while you prepare to move into a new house next year. Either way, a good use for storage can be storing large, bulky or difficult to keep on site items such as furniture. If you plan to use it once you get settled in a permanent location, consider storing it now so you don’t waste money later.

The Best Uses For Long-Term Storage

Keepsakes and Antiques

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So in all likelihood, you will be the proud owner of your great-great aunt’s fine china until you pass it on to the next generation. But that doesn’t mean you have ample room to display it in your cramped dining area. Items such as these deserve protection and care, which you can provide in a quality, temperature-controlled storage unit. Consider annual storage for these items and keep them marked and on an inventory list so you don’t forget them years from now.

Memories and Mementos

Saving banker’s boxes of every picture your child has ever drawn since the first day of nursery school? We get it–the value of memories cannot be overstated. However, it can seriously be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to keep everything stored in your home. Even large homes need additional storage when faced with attempting to store box after box of meaningful memories. Consider cataloging and labeling boxes of artwork and memories and utilizing a long-term storage option to keep these items close… but not too close!
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