How to protect your piano before your move day by Mover Pros

Moving is a hassle, and it will require proper planning and preparation. There will be a lot of stuff that needs to be addressed. Some items may be easily handled, but surely there are some items that need special handling. And if you have a piano, you have to give more attention to this instrument because it can be easily damaged if you do not handle it carefully. The best decision for this is to hire a company that specializes in moving pianos. This way, you will be assured that your piano will be fine because it is in the right hands. As a company that has had a lot of experiences in this field, they will pay attention to many things, including some small aspects to ensure the safety of your piano. Piano is a valuable item, you would not want your piano get damaged due to the incorrect handling. You can not equate your piano with your other furniture. Piano is a complex instrument, and minor damage to the piano can bring to the greater damage which can eventually lead to the decline in the value of your instrument.

By hiring a reliable moving company, you will feel comfortable because they have the knowledge and the right equipment. This way, your piano will be moved safely. Piano is a very heavy item, it can weigh 1,000 pounds or even more, so it is very important for you to seek help of professional movers. They usually have heavy-duty piano dollies to ease the transfer process. This tool is very powerful, it can even bear the weight of a grand piano. A reliable moving company will be able to handle it properly without having to put themselves in danger, and also avoid your building or other items from damage.

However, even if you have given this task to specialized piano movers, but there are some things you can do to make the moving process easier. It is very important to prepare your piano for the process of moving to avoid damage. Piano is a sensitive instrument, with a proper preparation, you will keep your piano from damage when being moved. You can wrap your piano with thick blankets and tie it with packing tape so that the blankets remain in place. This will be very useful to prevent scuffing on the finish and corners. If the piano in your home is an upright piano, you have to make sure that the casters are clean, both from dust and other objects that could interfere. When everything has been prepared properly, then it will be able to save your time for this moving.

From the beginning, you also have to provide clear information to the mover about where the piano will be placed in your new home. This will speed up the process of moving, and also to avoid possible damage to the piano or your new home, which is caused by shifting the piano too often. Although the mover has been using the dolly to transport your piano, but you may need to do additional measures to protect your floor. You can protect your hardwood flooring by placing plywood or cardboard on it. Pianos are very heavy, and dolly wheels may result in scratches on your hardwood flooring, and that’s not something that you want.

After the piano was moved to where it should be, maybe you need to think to hire a piano tuner to check your instrument. Although you have prepared your piano before being moved, but you will not know what happened during the transfer. A little bump or something else might be able to make the piano out of tune, and a piano tuner will be able to fix this problem.

Perhaps, this is a time-consuming procedure, but it can give you a comfort feeling, besides, if you need help for this, the moving company will be happy to help you.


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